Friday, February 26, 2016

What We Do

What we do...

-Sharing our message with people from all over.
-Helping with training breakfast, muffins, milk and bananas.
-Learning from the sister missionaries as they adjust to new companions and teaching center updates.
-Appreciating the Senior couples and learning from each of them.
-Studying the Book of Mormon and testifying of Christ every day.


-Talking with our treasures via Facetime, Google hangouts, and skype. Grateful for and loving texts, instagram, facebook, pictures and emails
-Linda sometimes plays organ in Sacrament meeting
-teaching a conducting class and piano lessons
-Pat submits the Hyde Park Chapel facebook posts to the church for editing and scheduling. (Like us on facebook:)!
-Events at the Hyde Park Chapel such as the YSA Talent Show Saturday night, from the silly to amazing talents of these young people.
-Seeing special people like Vinny and Laura and Alyssa and Taj Furia who came to London from Scotland! They stopped in at the Visitors’ Centre and we had fun dinner at Nando’s with them and J. Paul on Monday night.
-Greeting missionaries from all over
-Having the sister missionaries and some investigators over for dinners
-Seniors FHE, Pot luck and games. Saying farewell to the Baxters, the amazing Self Reliance couple. We will miss them!
-Consuming Jess’s Peach Salsa with J.Paul for Sunday dinner.
-Attending two lovely sessions at the London Temple. Took tube, train, taxi to get there. Beautiful temple and peaceful Spirit there.
-Walking down Portabello Road one Saturday, crazy with tourists and merchants selling their wares.
-Taking the violin donated a long time ago to the mission, to Stringers of London, for a new bridge, sound post and bow rehair.
-Walking to the BYU Study Abroad Center NW corner of Hyde Park past Kensington Palace.

Farewell party for Baxters

Furias visit from Scotland
Dinner with Furias and J.Paul
Linda at London City Hall
Sunrise over Elvaston Place
The "I Love Mormon" signs are back.
Gloucester Road

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Do You Speak Greek?

Little miracles happen everyday at the Hyde Park Chapel Visitors' Centre. Today we had a man come in from Greece who spoke almost no English. We struggled for 30 minutes to try to communicate with him including using Google translate and trying to reach a Greek speaking sister missionary serving in another area of London. As we were about to give up a member came in to go to the Self Reliance center upstairs. As he passed, Linda asked on a whim, "Do You Speak Greek?" He replied, "Sure, doesn't everyone." He wasn't from Greece but his father was. He helped us sort out the man who came in and made arrangements for him to come back and try to find another member of the stake who speaks Greek.

Iris from China poses with her missionaries and WeiWei Ma
Jane is also from China. She had come into the VC a year ago for a tour and then moved back to China. As soon as she returned she came into the centre and requested the lessons. Another sister and her daughter from Madrid, Spain were baptized following Jane. Another sister was baptized the next week also from China.

Jane and her family with missionaries
We are excited to see the new "I Love Mormon" ads on buses and brochues
We were treated to a performance of "The Mouse Trap" by J. Paul and Alessandra as our Christmas Present. It was awesome! The Mouse Trap is the oldest running play in the world. The week before we were able to see "Beautiful" the musical telling the life of composer and performer Carol King.

The Mission Leadership council after their recent meeting
Returning to the Chapel for our shift after a short Sunday walk following Church
Sister Missionaries sing at one of the 5 baptisms in the last 2 weeks
VC sisters Moody, Wai, and Croft
Aleksander, Sister Kerr, and Sister Hannig
Queens Tower reflects in a puddle on our walk to the Visitors' Centre

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In Tune

What great joy to play violin, cello, and piano together in Sacrament meeting an arrangement of “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer”. It was so awesome to have J. Paul play beautiful cello and Sister Ashby on the piano and me on violin. We are so in tune with each other:) we even wore matching colors:) unplanned:) We were grateful that J. Paul would play with us and add to the spirit of a lovely Sacrament meeting. It was the highlight of my musical experience on our mission thus far.