Thursday, June 30, 2016

Our Precious People

We see families everyday walking on Exhibition Road and coming into the Visitors’ Centre. It is heartwarming to see the love that families have for each other. We often show a video titled “God’s Plan”, sharing the blessings of family and that families are the most important unit in society.

We love our precious people! We are blessed by each one. Our children and spouses and grandchildren and parents and all, we are so grateful for them! Modern technology makes it possible for us to be in touch from “across the pond” as they say here.  Our love grows as we watch our posterity learn and grow and realize that each one is a precious spirit child of God and that we are given this joyful opportunity to be their earthly parents and grandparents. It is awesome!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June Jumps Joyfully Along

The sisters asked Elder Neeley if he would take some pictures of them on their preparation day. We met at Abbey Road just like the Beatles:) Sunday, 12 June, Kira was baptized. She came into the Visitors’ Centre a few weeks before and Sister Mullen gave her a tour. It is such a joy to see her and all of the other new members who make the choice to be baptized and go forward with faith!

Monday became our preparation day because this week was transfers. We checked out the Jewel Tower, very old, across the street from Parliament. We went through security at Parliament and were able to go through Westminster Hall to see the activity in the House of Commons. The sisters suggested we go to “The Slug and Lettuce” for half price Monday dinner. It was more tasty than the name sounds:)

J. Paul met us for dinner after shift and piano lessons in Chinatown. Always great to be with him! Friday, we had incredible Visitors’ Centre training with Brother Mark Lusvardi. He is Director of Public Programs for the Church and had great insights and inspiration regarding our opportunities here. We loved being with him Friday and Saturday mornings. Friday evening, Pam and Denny Fillmore met us at the Fish House in Notting Hill, we like this place:) We enjoyed catching up with them and walked back to the VC through Hyde Park, past the Albert Memorial and Royal Albert Hall and on to the South Kensington Station.

Sunday, 19 June was Father’s Day! We are so grateful for our amazing fathers and the super fathers of our precious grandchildren! We love each one so very much!
The ceiling in the Jewel House is the remaining original structure
Heading to the Slug and Lettuce (in the distance)
Brother Lusvardi face-timing with the VC sisters serving in outside areas
After Saturday training with Brother Lusvardi
It was wonderful to see Denny and Pam Fillmore
With the Fillmores outside of Kensington Palace

Monday, June 20, 2016

Trooping of the Colour

Saturday, 12 June 2016, after morning training meeting at the Visitors’ Centre, we met Joyce and Kent Miller to experience some of the “Trooping of the Colour.” We found a spot along the parade route and saw Queen Elizabeth, wearing bright green, going to the Parade Ground and later coming back. It was fun to share in the festivities. We managed to get back in time for our shift from 3 pm to 9 pm at the Centre:)