Saturday, June 4, 2016

Stephanie’s Visit

Linda’s sister visited for a few days in May! We had a whirlwind of activity and enjoyed being with her. We both went to the musical “Lion King” with her.
Waiting for in the Lyceum for Lion King to start
The next night we met J. Paul and Alessandra at Busaba’s Thai food restaurant in Covent Garden. So fun! Pat and J. P and A. explored the Chrome installation at Covent Garden. Linda and Stephanie went around the block to the Royal Opera House to attend the Royal Ballet production of “Frankenstein.” Music by Lowell Liebermann and Choreography by Liam Scarlett. Incredible!
At the Royal Opera House
Playing with the chrome at Covent Garden
The next night (Each day we were on the morning shifts at the VC from 9-3) Stephanie and Linda sat at the very top row of the New London Theatre for “Showboat.” So powerful and beautifully presented. Church on Sunday and a quick trip on the tube after shift in the evening to see the sights with the lights. Steph is amazing! We loved every minute!
Exploring the Victoria and Albert Museum
At the V and A

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