Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Meeting J.Paul and Alessandra at "The Martian"
 We love connecting with J. Paul and Alessandra. Here in London, when you buy movie tickets you choose specific seats. Alessandra managed to get the best seats in the house for a movie at Picturehouse Central on Shaftsbury Road. We were able to meet Alessandra for lunch at the Google office one day and J. Paul for lunch at Kipferl, an Austrian cafe, in Angel another day. He brought his RCA colleague, Veronica, into the VC. She saw us walking in Hyde Park a few weeks ago and thought we looked like J. Paul’s parents:)

It is a bit tricky to get everything done in the morning and be ready to open the Visitors’ Centre promptly at 9 a.m. when we are on the morning shift. Pat often goes for a walk and we try to study scriptures, make a lunch, and get things in order before walking to the Centre to put out out the signs and open the doors. Monday morning,we made it on time and got everything ready. Since no visitors had come in yet, we were sitting quietly, reading scriptures. Sister Neeley looked down at Elder Neeley’s trousers and noticed they were a little wrinkled. He said it was because it had rained and they had gotten wet. As she looked to see if there were more wrinkles, she realized that the trousers were blue and the suit coat was black. Oops! Abdullah, our security guard, assured us that sometimes that is the fashion now days. Elder Neeley decided to quickly walk back home and put on matching suit coat and trousers:)

Cardboard Temple made by the children for a Primary activity

Sister Wai and Sister Neeley in unplanned matching cardigans

It seems that almost every day we make connections at the Visitors’ Centre. Connections with people we know or people who know people we know.  Many visitors have fond memories of worshiping, visiting, being baptized, serving missions, or even meeting their eternal companion here. We love hearing the conversion stories of those who have joined the church, it may be years ago or just recently. It is a joy to hear their experiences.

Linda with Dallin Hansen and his wife. President Anatsui, our security guard is on the right
Sister Hansen's father was President Aldridge of the England London Mission based at the Hyde Park Chapel and where Dallin served his mission. 

The Larsons from Cache Valley
Larry and Arlene Larson from Cache Valley, Utah popped into the VC today. The Larsons served their 2nd mission here in the England London mission office. Their first mission was in France and they will be leaving in a few months to serve in Montreal, Canada. The Larsons worked with my parents in the Logan Temple. The service of these dedicated people is always an inspiration to us.

The Singers from Dubai
 Linda asked these visitors from Dubai if they knew the Singers. It turned out they were the Singers!

Linda and the Gunthers
Prep-day evening finished with a Bach organ recital at the St. Georges Church at Hanover Square where we met the Gunthers, fellow members from NYC, who amazingly raised 8 children in a 2 bedroom apartment. The Gunthers know our good friends, Dave and Janet Stowell. It truly is a small world! 
Listening to General Conference on my Ipad while on shift at the VC

Sheila and Robert Anker with Greg and Kathy Wolfington
 Forty-Six years ago Elder Greg Wolfington tracted the home of Robert Anker. The whole Anker family joined the church. Brother Anker is now an engineer at the London Temple. While they have been in contact over the years they have never meet. The Wolfingtons planned a surprise visit to England and had a joyful reunion!

Elder Wolfington's Missionary card which he left with Robert Anker who kept it all of these years.
Linda and I with Steve and Marie Harward
We met Steve Harward and his wife, Marie Lewis Harward at the Visitors' Centre. Steve used to babysit me and my brothers and sisters.

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