Sunday, November 15, 2015

Count your many Blessings... them one by one.

Having the opportunity to attend the London Temple again!

Autumn view of the London Temple
Watching Lydia’s violin recital while Elizabeth filmed from the front row with her mom’s phone. Getting a look Zac and Simon’s trucks and Timothy's happy smiles. Facetime with Jess and Cedar and seeing pictures of Nick preparing for the Baja 1000. Facetime with Mia and Rich and Parker and Hazel.
J.Paul, Alessandra, Linda, and Pat after an impromptu dinner
8 year-old Mozart lived near Pimlico Road for a year or so
Lunch with J. Paul and Alessandra and her parents, Hugh and Suzy, at The Orange Public House on Pimlico road. The successful rescue mission of Matthew and Stacie to fix “tetoncam” in Driggs, Idaho. Seeing their updates. Skyping with Mother and Daddy and facetime with Betty and Jimmie. Google hangouts with the Dan and all the Hyde Park, Utah Neeleys. Calls and texts from all the family and dear friends. Instagram and facebook pictures of loved ones.

Tower Bridge in fall
Air Tram over the Thames
Grand Gallery at the Wallace Collection
Linda at the Natural History Museum ice-skating rink
Carousel next to the ice-skating rink
Stacks of dates at Harrods
Visiting Tower of London, Wallace Collection, Oxford Street, Emirates Air Sky ride and O2 center.

Seeing the Rafael “Cartoon” tapestry sketches at the Victoria & Albert Museum, a favorite is of Jesus giving charge to the apostles to “Feed my sheep.” Tasting a pistachio filled date and getting sandwiches at Harrod’s food court. Watching the Christmas decorations go up, including the Ice Rink and Carousel at the Museum of Natural History.

Seeing Patrick confirmed a member of the church today. Playing the pipe organ for Sacrament meeting. Accompanying the primary children for their program next Sunday. Meeting lovely, diverse people who come into the Visitors’ Centre and ask questions. Inviting people to pray, read the Book of Mormon, come to church, and learn more. Teaching three children to play piano and a group of women to lead the music.

VC Sister Missionaries with their matching winter attire
Working our shifts with the faithful, fun and unique sisters. Learning from the Cardalls and Ashbys and the other lovely senior couples in the mission.

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