Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas At Hyde Park Chapel

We have loved being here at the Hyde Park Chapel Visitors' Centre during the Christmas Season. We are so happy to be involved with the world-wide Church Christmas initiative, the decorations, the special activities and especially the live Nativity which is new this year.
The entrance railings are decorated with garland, lights, and baubles
The statue of Christ reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas
Visitors post their thoughts about the Savior's birth
The Chapel is a bright and colorful place on Exhibition Road
Close-up of the Nativity setup in the lobby

This night we had a real baby in the live Nativity
The Mission choir performs at the Christmas Devotional
Mark Oshida plays at the devotional accompanied by Linda
President Stevens (former MoTab member) sings at the Devotional
Mission choir performs


  1. Thank you so very much for your posts! My beautiful Elder is Elder Justice Santiago and is serving his heart out and is faithful at sending his Mum letters but not good with pictures and pictures of him or his area are cherished blessings. Do you know him???

    1. Yes, we know and love Elder Santiago. We see him almost every day. He is a very fine missionary!

  2. What beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing these. Our daughter is Sister Griffeth. Seeing her at the piano is such a delight! John & Michele Griffeth (Please give her a hug for us!)

    1. Sister Griffeth is an amazing pianist and a wonderful VC missionary. We feel privileged to know and serve with her.