Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Headlong into 2016

A new grandson! In the USA, it was 1/11/2016 and here in the UK it is written 11/1/2016, either way, this is the day Solon Pascal was born! Matthew and Stacie are thrilled to welcome him. They didn’t know if they were having a boy or girl. Now we know! He is named after his parents and great grandparents. Solon is Matthew’s great grandpa’s name and Pascal is Stacie’s great grandpa’s name. Joyful news for all of us, what a wonderful blessing to have him safely here! We look forward to lots of pictures and talking and visiting and hugs and kisses!

Our last picture as a Visitors' Center staff before the Cardalls complete their service.
Spike to be baptized by Wei Wei who was baptized 4 weeks ago by Patrick who was baptized 3 weeks before that.
A "real" Mini is parked on Elvaston
After 6 months, Elvaston is really feeling like home
View from the Sky Garden
Elder Neeley attended a counter terrorism education seminar at the Natural History Museum for the community security zone.

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