Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The Classical Spectacular concert at Royal Albert Hall was truly spectacular including beautiful music with lights, lasers, smoke, cannons, and indoor fireworks! We loved going with J. Paul.
The Britannia (YSA) Ward Relief Society celebrated the 174th birthday of the Relief Society with a woman's wall of fame, a fashion show including women dressed up as all of the Relief Society General Presidents, and other activities and displays.
Some of the Elders and Sisters came into the VC on their prep day excited that they had seen the Queen while they were at Buckingham Palace!
We have loved celebrating the life and mission of Jesus Christ the two weeks before Easter with the Easter Initiative, #Hallelujah - Follow Him and find new life.
Last week was special with two baptisms at the Hyde Park Chapel. We love to see wonderful people demonstrating their faith in Jesus Christ, commencing on the strait and narrow path though the gate of baptism.
Alan and JoLynn Croft's nephew and his wife teach a class for the Self Reliance Center
We took the train to Amersham and met Hugh and Suzy. They picked us up at the train station and we went to Windsor and Eton, then to dinner and to their home for hot chocolate. A wonderful day!
Selfie with Hugh and Suzy
The Queen owns all of the swans in England ;-)
Windsor Castle
Flag of England in Windsor
Students move a sofa at Eton College
Windsor Castle rises above the town of Windsor
Royal horses are often seen on the streets of Kensington. Here they are riding down Exhibition Road in front of the Hyde Park Chapel.
On prep day we had a fun visit to Olympic Park in Stratford. We then went to Evensong at St. Paul's Cathedral.

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