Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dover Day

On a recent prep day we rented a car and visited the white cliffs of Dover. This was fun and adventurous for Pat and a bit nerve racking for Linda!
Our first stop in Dover was to visit the Dover Castle. Up on the hill, it was hard to miss.
Henry II's Great Tower
Entrance to the castle was via Colton's Gate, built in the early 13th Century
Colton's Gate
First stop was the Church of St Mary-in-Castro
Church of St Mary-in-Castro
Interior view of the church
Dover harbor viewed from the top of the castle
It was windy on top
Overlooking the harbor from the tunnels used in staging "Rescue from Dunkirk"
Dover homes as seen from the castle
Linda on one of the castle stairways
Recreation of a castle bedroom
Recreation of a castle dining room
Perhaps our favorite part of the castle was the 60 minute tour of the tunnels called "Operation Dynamo:Rescue from Dunkirk" where over 338,000 troops were rescued from France during WWII. Admiral Sir Bertram Home Ramsay directed the rescue from these tunnels in the early part of the war. He later helped plan and direct D-Day from the same location.

After the castle tour we ventured out for a walk along the white cliffs.
Our final stop was Canterbury. We drove, parked, and walked to the Cathedral just in time for Evensong. Beautiful!

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