Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sister Surprise

Mondays are preparation days for the young sisters and elders in our mission. Our last Monday in London, we were continuing our packing and decided to go for a walk in Hyde Park before heading back to the flat to prepare for our shift at the Visitors’ Centre. It was a bit blustery, but the sun was shining in between the clouds and it was lovely walking through the park and remarking on all the sights we had seen over the last 15 months. We have enjoyed all the history in the city and Linda has reread “Peter Pan” since the author lived near Hyde Park and even has Peter Pan playing in Kensington Gardens at one end of the park. Linda had mentioned to Sister Hulet how she wished the sisters could explore more in the city but they had so much to do on preparation days: laundry, grocery shopping, emailing family, etc. And of course, we are on a mission and that is the most important thing we can do in London is to invite people to come unto Christ.

We looked at the summer houses on display at the Serpentine Gallery and decided to head to the Peter Pan statue by the Serpentine lake.  As we came along the path, there on the grass next to the statue were all 8 VC sisters sitting on blankets having a picnic! What are the chances?! How cool is this that we came here and there they were?! Linda was so excited that they were able to see the statue and learn a bit about the history of the story. 
 “It’s for you” they said. Turns out Elder Neeley was tasked to get us to the spot by 11:45 a.m. The sun was shining and we had a grand time! Sister Hulet and Sister Mullen had prepared a lovely picnic with makings for sandwiches:) and poppy seed bread. They are so amazing and thoughtful! We had already been so overwhelmed with love as they presented the VC rendition of “So Long, Farewell” with words by Sister Wai who returned home in July as well as many other kind expressions. Thanks to the Burkes, we had even been able to go to dinner with the Hulets and Mullens one evening.
As we have served together, we get to know their unique, special personalities and love hearing their stories and testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ! It is very inspiring to watch them deal with many challenges and rise to every occasion. We have learned so much from them. It is a blessing in our lives to be part of this Visitors’ Centre family!

Prayers are answered even with such a small thing as not raining on the picnic. During the hour together, the sun came out, it was beautiful and warm. Afterwards, the few of us who took a little extra time leaving were caught in a huge, windy downpour that even broke an umbrella. For the first time in our stay in London, Sister Neeley did not have an umbrella with her! Elder Neeley shared his with her and they both got quite wet:)

"Remember, when in London, always carry a… banana.” This is an inside joke caused by a senior moment when Sister Neeley was distracted, she meant “umbrella.” :)

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