Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy Days

Our Mission continues to be busy, busy, and very rewarding and fulfilling. Since we are in the Visitors' Centre everyday except prep-day we see the Christus statue in many different lighting conditions. We notice many people walk by on Exhibition Road and while they may not come in, they turn and look or photograph the beautiful statue. Some see the distinctive statue, pause, and then come in have a look around. We always welcome them no mater how long they are able to stay!

On our Tuesday prep-day we decided to go to the London Temple. Since we do not have access to a car, we used public transportation; tube to Victoria Station, Overground to Lingfield, and a taxi to the Temple. The entire trip takes about 1.5 hours one-way and oh, it was worth it. We loved being in the Temple again.

Victoria Station
Selfie on the train to Lingfield
Linda as we enter the London Temple grounds
Our selfie on the beautiful Temple grounds
The moss in the reflecting pool was new to us but very beautiful
Waiting for the train at Lingfield
Pat continues to walk each morning, often in beautiful Hyde Park. On Saturday morning we have a Visitors' Centre training meeting. After we have a light breakfast with the Sisters and Senior couples.

Bridge over the Serpentine in Hyde Park
Sisters Lung, Kerr, and Phillips
Sisters Moody, Croft, and Griffeth
Sister Apiyo
Sisters Lung and Debrowska
Our new tablecloth adds some color to our flat.
We are constantly amazed at the people and connections we discover.
This couple are the Nielsons from San Mateo, California where
Bishop Nielson is Matthew and Stacie's bishop - such a small world!
Pedro is from the Portuguese speaking City Ward
and had just returned from Stake Young Men's Camp
wearing a big smile and an "I'm a Mormon" shirt in Portuguese.
Linda is a wonderful companion (both mission and eternal).
We are learning so much and trying to be bold as we share the
glorious truths of the restored gospel and inviting all to come unto Christ.

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