Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday, August 9, One Month in London!

Today there were two baptisms. One young man came from Paddington on his lunch break to be baptized. Pear, a sister from Thailand doing a summer study across the street at Imperial College, was also baptized. She will continue working on her PhD in Manchester, UK in September. 

Elder Cardall takes picture of Jack and the elders who taught him.
Pear and some of her friends before her baptism.

There are two congregations that meet Sunday morning and a young single adult ward that meets at 1 p.m. Needless to say, the Visitors’ Centre, which is also the foyer of the chapel and cultural hall, is very crowed at times. Even then, we still have visitors!

The last visitor on our shift (1p.m. to 5 p.m.) today came from Southeast China. She is studying in France and has one week in London. She had walked by earlier in the week and wanted to come in today when she had more time. 

She was thrilled with the things I told her. She had been studying the paintings of Jesus in churches all over Europe. She was trying to understand God and Jesus. She was thrilled with the things she heard! She took pictures of the paintings of Jesus ordaining his apostles, Joseph Smith’s first vision, Peter, James and John restoring the authority, Jesus on the American Continent. 

When I said that we had a prophet today, just like in days of old, she soaked it all in. When told that we had the Book of Mormon in Chinese, she just lit up! Then when she saw the book, she took it with the biggest smile and said, Oh…. Salt City, my friends and I went there and it was too late, we couldn’t get in. They took pictures on Temple Square. 

She was able to watch the baptism of Pear from Thailand. I explained that she wore white clothes to represent purity. After the baptism, she told me of a dream that she had a few weeks ago, it was in color, with lots of colors and white and clothes. She paused, her eyes widened, Oh my… she said! 

She met Sister Lung from Hong Kong who was able to talk with her in Chinese. She wanted to stay and learn more. She was watching the Special Witness presentations by the modern day apostles in her language when we left. 

Our Visitors' Centre Sister Missionaries!
It is just incredible to be a part of this!

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