Friday, September 11, 2015

Mission Conference

On Monday we attended the England London Mission conference with Brother and Sister Clayton Christensen. It was special to watch the wonderful Elders and Sisters from all over the mission enthusiastically come together and be taught by these great real-life missionaries who have had so much experience sharing the Gospel around the world.

Just before we broke for lunch President Stevens had everyone turn and face the back of the Chapel so I could take a picture from the cry-room upstairs. After the conference we all walked to the steps in front of the Royal Albert Hall for an additional All-Mission picture.

 It was interesting that two members of the YSA ward were married Saturday before Brother and Sister Christensen came. Meg was taught the gospel by the Christensens and baptized by Brother Christensen while she was attending Harvard Business School.

Meg waits for her ride to the London Temple
Temple marriages in the UK are first performed civilly as was this one in the Hyde Park Chapel and are later sealed in the Temple for time and for all eternity.

Leaving for the Temple in a decorated Mini


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