Monday, July 18, 2016

Open Door Policy

The print of the painting by Carl Bloch is framed in the the doors of the Visitors' Centre as we walk in each day. We see the statue of Jesus from a distance, walking through the parking lot at Imperial College. We hope that each person who comes here will know that we believe in Jesus Christ and that He loves each one.
Summertime brings even more visitors to Exhibition Road. We have met people from Poland, Bulgaria, France, Turkey, China, and Germany in the last couple of days. Monday, Elder Neeley visited with a young woman from China who wanted to learn all about Jesus. She has been searching for a church and wanted to know everything about our faith. Others come in with heavy hearts seeking hope. Some ask if they can pray in the chapel. Visitors often say how peaceful it feels. Members often come in and say it feels like home. Sometimes people just want the free copy of the Book of Mormon and that's all. We have people who ask directions, who need water, who are homeless, who need to use the toilet. Some who were married here or baptised here or met their spouse here. Others just want to know about "the Mormons" because they see it on the buses.

On July 3, the woman whose parents and grandmother were killed on this location when it was bombed in 1944 during World War II came with her daughter and two grandchildren to bring flowers and remember her loved ones.

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