Monday, July 18, 2016

Saturday Singing on Exhibition Road

Preparing the balloons for the sisters to give out during our Saturday singing on Exhibition Road. Most Saturdays, just before shift change, at 3 p.m., everyone gathers on the steps to sing. The last few weeks have been sunny and pleasant with lots of people going by. Often, they look up at the name of the church, smile and walk on. One time, a family went by in a horse drawn carriage. We were singing an English song from the Children’s Songbook, “All things Bright and Beautiful.” The beautifully dressed woman in the carriage leaned towards us singing the words along with us. Brilliant!
It is so nice to have free wifi in the building. It can be very helpful. We have dear friends who come to use the wifi. After shifts in the evening, the sisters are often busily typing away, connecting with their contacts and making appointments before they head home to their flats.

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